Student Stories

Student Stories

Personal Accounts written by Students about what Horizon Community College has done for them.

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Currently I’ve been at Horizon three years and I am a year 10 student. These three years have been some of the best years of my life. When I first walked into this school in the autumn of 2012, I was overwhelmed. The second I walked through the doors was when I discovered myself. The lessons give you incredible opportunities and help you delve deeper into the world we live in today. As you progress throughout school, you learn in more detail about topics you never even knew existed! Now, I’m in year 10 I’ve finally narrowed down what my favourite subjects are. Personally, I am more of a creative person. I enjoy topics like English, Art and RE as they allow you to be more imaginative with your answers and most of the time there is no specific answer meaning your opinion is perfect! However, the school offers loads of topics for you to enjoy and without a doubt you will find something you are bound to enjoy!

Student Story - Daisy Loach - Y10

My name is Brad, and I am a year 10 student, enjoying a fourth year at Horizon.  I have had an amazing school life so far and I have had the pleasure of taking part in an assortment of extra-curricular and enterprising activities during my four years here. Starting in year 7, I have met Princess Anne, Harry Gration and Fabrice Muamba all thanks to the staff of Horizon CC. I’ve taken part in TNEC, the BBC School News Report and many, many more events that have benefitted me greatly. But I think the greatest transformation in these four years, for me, has been the transition of a timid, shy young student into a more confident and outgoing child: me.

Student Story - Bradley Healy - Y10

I have really enjoyed my time so far at Horizon. In year 8, I was chosen to be a Student Community Enterprise Coordinator where I helped out at a lot of school and community events. In that year, I was also part of the Interact Club, raising money for projects around the world. I have since set up my own business, Metal Mania, through Horizon, which gave me a great introduction to the world of business. I have participated in the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh award with some of my fellow students and I also regularly use the Horizon gym and helped out at many parents evening events.


Hello, my name is Brandon Sidebottom and I’m in year 8 now. I’m going to tell you about my experience at Horizon Community College so far. At the start of year 7 I didn’t know many people or teachers but after a short time everyone was really welcoming and I made friends and had good relationships with my teachers.

During year 7 I was involved in various community activities such as the open evening for the year 6’s. I have been involved in the IKIC (I Know I Can) awards and have achieved level 1 and level 2.

The teachers here at Horizon are great but occasionally you may get the odd one who is stricter and as people say mean.  At the end of year 7 I was nominated for an award for mathematics and I have been in a maths challenge and was awarded a bronze certificate for getting so many questions correct.

Student Story - Brandon Sidebottom - Y8

Hi I’m Emerson and its great here at horizon the opportunities are amazing there are lots of new lessons to learn like Geography and History; Mr Argent my History teacher is really funny. There are lots of sport clubs that you can join and the teachers are great. It’s brilliant here at Horizon and I have 5 years left to look forward to!

Student Story - Emerson Gibbs - Y7

At Horizon Community College I am a year 10 student I have been here 3 years at this school. So far my experience has been great, there are so many things to do at this school, the facilities, the experiences, and the opportunities have been amazing, I got a chance to do a lot of things that I enjoy to do like after school on a Thursday with some of my friends we call it Magic of the Musicals and what we do, is that we go round elderly care homes and sing musical songs for them we started doing it because of the Arch Bishop of York award we had to do something to help our community, and we loved doing it so we continued with it. We could continue with it because of all the amazing opportunities that are available here at Horizon

Student Story - Hannah Turner - Y10

I have just started at horizon community college in Year 7 and I am looking forward to everything it has to offer. I am excited to attend dance class and I really enjoyed my drama lesson. I have also done P.E, history, citizenship, English, maths, DT, science, art and Spanish and they have all been great!  The older kids have been really helpful by showing me and my friends where to go for our classes. When I first came to horizon on Monday I was very nervous because I didn’t know anyone except from my older brother but now I am fine.

Student Story - Lacey Hamshaw - Y7

he after schools club here at Horizon are amazing! There are many options such as the PE Club there’s always a rota that is shown in form, assembly and in the PE Block. Every day after school there is always something going on in the PE Department.

One day I was asked by Miss Dix to take part in this years ‘BBC School News Report’. At the time I didn’t really know much about the project but I was still interested. Mr Robson (one of the schools five Community Enterprise Coordinators) said that 4 others along with myself would be given a chosen topic that we would have to research before finally writing a script and completing a live news report! I was given the school show ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ I had to interview Miss Dix and Mrs Storey, it was lots of fun.

Every year the school puts on a school show where all years 7-10 are welcome to come along and audition. I wanted to be in the play because it would be my first school play. I was part of the chorus, we all sang 3 songs with lots more students helping out back stage. It was lots of fun and I cannot wait to find out what next year’s show will be!

Student Story - Lilly OBrien - Y9

Hello, my name is Sam and I have just come into Year 7 at Horizon and I think this is a great opportunity for enjoying some of my favourite lessons which we barely got to do at my primary school, subjects like Science, Art, DT . You are able to meet new friends and it’s a really good school with smart uniform. Personally I think I will fit in well and I can tell that I am going to enjoy it.

Student Story - Sam Rowe - Y7